Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Tutorial done in psp9, may be done in other versions.

Supplies Needed
Kit of your choice I used Merry Christmas which you can purchase from here.
Tube of choice, I used Barbara Jensen (You must have a license to use her work from
Mask you can find here.
Eye Candy 4000 (Optional)

Open your supplies in psp.
Open a new canvas 500 x 500
Flood fill with white

Copy and paste a paper of choice as new layer.
On the mask go to Layers-New mask layer from image (Source Luminance checked and Invert mask data Unchecked-ok
Copy and paste the mask raster layer onto the paper you picked.
Hide your white background – Layers-Merge, you can unhide your white layer now.

Copy and paste a frame of choice as new layer, I resized mine 80%

Copy and paste a 2nd paper of choice and move it just below the frame, now back onto your frame layer select you magic wand (Feather 0) and click inside the frame, now go to Selection-Modify-Expand by 4 and than Selections-Invert.
Go on your 2nd paper layer and hit delete on the keyboard.
Selections-Select None.

Copy and paste your tube of choice as new layer on top of the frame, resize as you like.
On your frame layer select your magic wand (Tolerance 0 & Feather 1) and select inside the frame, Selections – Invert
Now on your tube layer select your eraser tool and erase any bottom parts so it looks like its coming out of the frame. Selection – Select none
Position your tube a little if needed.

I gave my frame a white Gradient Glow
Eye Candy 4000-Gradient Glow-Color White, Glow Width 9.
This is optional you can give your frame a drop shadow if you like.

Add some word art and place where you like, I gave mine the same Gradient glow as my frame.
Add any elements you like and resize and give a drop shadow of choice.

Add all copyright needed
Add name and saying with font of your choice and give a drop shadow
Layers – Merge visible
Save your tag and enjoy.

This tutorial was written by Lisa
Link sharing is ok but please do NOT copy and paste this tutorial anywhere.