Saturday, 22 November 2008

Pretty Aubergine (PTU Kit)

Pretty Aubergine
Tutorial done in psp9, may be done in other versions.

Supplies Needed
Kit of your choice I used Supreme Aubergine which you can purchase from here.
Tube of choice, I use Keith Garvey (You must have a license to use his work from mypsptubes).

Open your supplies in psp.
Open a new canvas 500 x 500
Flood fill with white

Copy and paste a paper of choice and copy and paste a tube of choice.
Copy and paste the Wood Frame and resize 90%
On your frame layer select your magic wand (Feather 0) and click outside the frame and go to Selections-Modify-Expand by 2.
On your paper layer hit delete on the keyboard.
Position your tube in the frame and hit delete on the keyboard.
Now go to Selections-Select None.
Change the opacity on your tube to 50.

Copy and paste a Flower Circle and resize 140% and place it at the bottom.

Copy and paste a Swirl Doodle and resize 60% and place this at the bottom under the flower circle and position like mine, then Duplicate it and go to Image-Mirror, Image-Flip and then Image-Mirror again.

Copy and paste a ribbon of choice and resize 80%, place this at the top of your frame.

Back on your frame layer select your magic wand (Feather 0) and click outside the frame, then on your ribbon layer select your eraser tool and erase any ribbon bits that’s hanging over the frame.
Selections-Select None.

Duplicate your ribbon and go to Image-Flip.

Add any other elements you like and resize to your liking, give everything a drop shadow of choice.

Add your tube of choice on top and resize and give drop shadow of choice.

Add all copyright needed
Add name with font of your choice and give a drop shadow.
Layers – Merge visible
Save your tag and enjoy.

This tutorial was written by Lisa
Link sharing is ok but please do NOT copy and paste this tutorial anywhere.

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